AquaVerde, for everything you need in landscape

We offer a product range of multifunction products to suit the usage detail. We offer you the convenience to view quality, certificated, guaranteed eco-friendly products that you can use in your projects with ease of mind on a single site.


You will get great results with a multi-layered durable structure

It is a system of superior use that offers geotextile felt, drainage layer and protective system in a whole structure, not individually.


It offers low-cost alternative solutions compared to conventional construction methods

It is the process of protecting the flooring by filling open porous fixed surfaces with material. It is used in many areas such as private, industrial and municipalities.


Your quality of life will increase with eco green systems.

It offers modular lightweight solutions with an extensive and intense green roof or green wall systems. It improves the quality of life with eco green systems.


Innovative products suitable for pedestrian and vehicle traffic will make a difference.

It creates extra living spaces in public or private areas with concrete, natural stone and various wood coatings in firm soil floor systems. It offers floors suitable for heavy vehicle circulation with extremely high-pressure resistance


Floating floor feet will eliminate classic construction appearance

It saves effort and time during the construction process with free flooring without the need for strucking or casting the elevating floor feet


Indispensable of landscaping

Architecture and Landscape One of the basic requirements for architectural offices and application firms is to reach the details of the application required in design and to reach the products and alternatives in accordance with these international standards. Aqua Verde is always there for you.


Quality Policy

In the responsibility of being a Reliable and Leading Company with Identified Name, Opening Different Windows to the Sector; Armada Botanic is our company which is walking with the consciousness that the nature is not the inheritance but the trust in the production. Keeping up-to-date with customer-focused new technologies and responding to the needs of domestic and international customers in a timely and maximized manner.

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